Light, Shadow & Projection

The transformation of a space using light boxes, OHP’s, screens and torches. The investigation of light and shadow through play, puppets, stories and pattern to heighten language, working together and exploration. A small space works best for this kind of work to enable the sunlight to be eliminated and for those involved to be immersed in their discoveries.

Each space is set depending on the project needs and size, I will arrive with my own OHP, lightboxes and screens ready to start work. If you have an OHP at school don’t let it go! If you need more information about the lightboxes in the photos please contact David Kenn –

Project ideas:
Early Years & primary (please contact me regarding secondary projects)

Early Years – A sensory experience to experiment with colour mixing, painting, placing and arranging

Developing a sense of space with several drapes hanging to create a maze for children to explore. OHP’s were used to project shapes, patterns and colours with the children using their bodies to create shadows.

Primary – developing traditional stories and tales through the creation of puppets.