Mixed Media

A combination of several different processes and techniques allows the students to experiment and develop their ideas. A mix of mediums may include collage, drawing, fine painting, stitching, printing or photography.

This gives a greater texture, depth and quality to the work and also gives the students a wider range of skills to develop.

Projects have included:
Early Years – a sensory experience! A large sheet of paper with acetate, paint, roller, pencils and tissue paper. The children were totally immersed in the process and developed a great understanding of colour mixing, layering and mark making.

Working on a large scale so the children work together, considering spaces and use of materials. Combinations of charcoal and print form the basis for experimentation.

Primary/secondary – developing large tissue paper collages to create large scale panels, a great opportunity to work in a group and develop patterns and imagery.

Working to a theme
The Tudors – the children created portraits of famous kings and queens using water colour and acrylic. They were show correct ways to use the paints and equipment.

African Patterns – drawing onto Styrofoam tiles ready to block print.

Self Portraits – using oil pastels and water colours and developing a stylised cubist approach.

Glass painted panels – starting with drawings which are laid underneath a sheet of acetate or acrylic. An gutta paint is initially used to draw the outline before transparent paint is applied to create a stained glass window effect.

Secondary – Develop techniques and skills, correct use of materials and tools to give stunning effects in water colours, acrylics and ink.